Summer activities

All footpaths and tracks in Laukaa are suitable in summer for walking and hiking. The skiing tracks of the winter invite you in summer to take trips into the delightful country side. Along the tracks you find resting places with refuges and huts so that you can take friends and family along on shorter “adventure trips”.

Metsoreitti 1 and 2 (Metso= capercailzie, reitti= track) are ideal for all those who want to exercise their muscles instead of the car engine:

  • Metsoreitti 1 (Peurunka-Laukaa-Kuusaa-Äijälä-Haapala)
  • Metsoreitti 2 (Peurunka-Laukaa-Vihtavuori-Tiituspohja-Ampujien maja[shooting club’s clubhouse])

For all those you are interested in ball sports the closest possibility is at Kuusa schools schoolyard and beach volley field.